Palin on Facebook: All bark, no bite?

The Anchorage Daily News

Sarah Palin has a huge Facebook fan base, but are her 2.4 million “friends” reading her controversial posts? Relatively few of them can be bothered to push the “Like” button, Republican media strategist Vincent Harris points out in The Daily Caller. Fewer than 1 percent of her fans have “liked” her posts, compared to over 7 percent for Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott (for whom Harris has worked).

Palin may have the most number of fans among Republicans, but it appears she may have reached a saturation point among activists on America’s largest social network. She is releasing her updates to over 2.4 million people, but unlike many smaller pages, they simply aren’t responding to her. This could be an issue of content, as she rarely asks for her supporters to take specific actions, or simply a sign of an interested but disengaged fan base (perhaps even with a large % of Democrats). …

It’s much better for campaigns to have active, interested “likes” than massive numbers.

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