Shift Summit Brings Social Media Experts to Salt Lake City

From BusinessWire:

Social media provides companies unprecedented opportunities to connect with customers, build brand loyalty and make sales. However, most businesses report that they are not using social media as well as they could. They realize that they are being left out of the conversation. They are becoming invisible. The Shift Summit is designed to improve attendees’ social media presence.

At the Shift Summit, local and national experts, including Clark Gilbert, CEO of Deseret Digital Media; Liz Mair, VP for Hynes Communications; and Vincent Harris, founder of Harris Media, will present the tools, elements and strategies of successful social media campaigns.

“While businesses know that social media and online marketing are important, many lack a basic understanding of what social media is, how it can best be used to strengthen a business, and where they should start,” Sara Urquhart, founder and organizer of the Shift Summit, said.

The Summit will include presentations and discussions on what social media is, why it matters and how it is being used. Breakout sessions then will include (1) the tools of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and geolocation) and (2) campaign advertising. As a conclusion, a series of case studies will be presented, showing how social media has been used to significantly increase sales. And, finally, a Q&A session will be held with a panel of experts, including some of those mentioned above, plus additional experts.

“Now is the perfect time to jump further into social media,” Urquhart said. “Most companies have adopted social media only in the last two years. They report that the main mistake they have made is to not get involved earlier. Get going today by registering to attend the Shift Summit.”

Shift Summit

Wednesday, January 19 – 2-5 p.m.

Grand America Hotel

Registration cost: $100

For more information and to register visit