Republicans Shake More Hands Using Social Media

“After using Facebook and Twitter in recent months primarily to broadcast their messages and raise money, the Republican presidential candidates are increasingly turning to social media sites and other online tools to mobilize voters before the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday and in the other hotly contested early-nominating states.”

“Striking that balance between old and new is vital for Mrs. Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Mr. Gingrich, who are all vying for the support of the state’s evangelical Christians. While Christian conservatives — and Tea Party activists — now have a robust online and social media presence, it was this collection of Bible study groups, anti-abortion activists, homeschooling parents and other evangelical Christian groups that helped the Republican Mike Huckabee win the Iowa caucuses in 2008.”

Vincent Harris, digital adviser to Mr. Perry, said he used geo-location mobile advertising to help deliver the Texas governor’s faith message to students at 10 Christian colleges across Iowa.”

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