For Online Video Ads, Act Before Space Runs Out

“The Internet seems endless — like an infinite universe of gigabytes for tweets, Facebook photos and kitten videos.

But for one key commodity — political advertising — the Web is about to run out of room, at least on the popular video sites that campaigns in some swing states care about most.

Indeed, other early warning signs abounded. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the last major candidate to enter the race for the GOP presidential nod, ran into an inventory problem last winter.

“Even six weeks out from the Iowa caucus, we weren’t able to do mass buys on YouTube because the Romney campaign and the [Ron] Paul super PAC had already bought all the inventory,” said consultant Vincent Harris, Perry’s online strategist. “So campaigns and super PACs that are waiting on large-scale Internet digital buys are really waiting at their own peril because they’re going to wake up in the middle of September and realize everything is already sold.”

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