What it Really Means to ‘Close the GOP Tech Gap’

From the National Journal

“What if the committee (prefers) a certain candidate? Or whoever owns this data is able to rent the data or to sell the data?” said Vincent Harris, the Texas-based strategist who ran digital for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. “The idea is certainly exciting, but clarity would be good concerning fair use of the data and ensuring that conservatives, potential primary challengers, will have access. Often it’s the more-conservative campaigns, the ones many establishment folks don’t always like, that have the energy on their side. Will their own inbound data potentially be used down the line against them?”

Skepticism of the RNC’s new digital initiative isn’t unique to party elites; it’s also spread to the rank and file, where state-level organizers have complained that the party committee’s existing tools don’t serve their needs. As one lower-level West Coast GOP official said, “it’s pretty deplorable.”

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