POLITICO: Google ‘Jeb Bush,’ find a Rand Paul ad

December 16th, 2014
By Katie Glueck

Google “Jeb Bush” and you’ll get a clear reminder that the Florida Republican is not the only one interested in 2016: Sen. Rand Paul’s PAC has taken out an ad that accompanies a search for Bush.

The ad offers a link to RandPAC. According to Time.com, which reported it first, the ad appeared soon after Bush’s Tuesday morning announcement that he would “actively explore” a presidential bid.

Paul, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Kentucky, also is seriously considering a White House bid.

A search on Tuesday evening for Bush resulted in the RandPAC ad showing up at the bottom of the first search page.

“Join a movement working to shrink government. Not grow it,” it read initially.

Paul senior adviser Doug Stafford said in an email to POLITICO that the group “runs RandPAC ads all the time,” but declined to say how much the spot costs, when the group decided to run it or how long it will stay up.

Read the full story, here: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/google-jeb-bush-rand-paul-ad-113616.html