Vincent Harris Quoted on ‘Conservative Group Launches “Hillary’s Inbox” Parody Website’

Hillary's Inbox

Secure America Now, a conservative non-profit advocacy group, launched a parody interactive website of Hillary Clinton’s email inbox. The site is a Gmail inbox and includes fake email chains with Bill Clinton, top campaign advisers, an FBI agent, and Saudi King Salman.

The website will be backed by a six-figure online advertising buy in swing states across the country, said Vincent Harris, an adviser to the group.

Harris, who declined to provide an exact figure for the buy, said the ads would target voters on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms using sponsored content. The ad campaign will direct extra funds to North Carolina and Florida, he noted.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump and his campaign have particularly attacked Clinton on the hacked emails of campaign chairman John Podesta, released by WikiLeaks, as well as the emails she deleted after her tenure at the State Department.

In the parody website, a Clinton campaign logo reads “Hillary’s Inbox: deleted but not forgotten” at the top of the website. The emails hit the Clinton Foundation’s donations from foreign governments, campaign staffers receiving advanced questions from reporters, Clinton’s use of a private server, and Benghazi. Clinton’s “sent mail” folder is empty and only a message saying “All sent emails have been deleted” appears. The option to “delete all” existing emails also exists.

“Madam Secretary,” one email from a staffer says, “I hope that it is in not breaking protocol to email you directly, but Mr. Mook said that it was urgent — someone tipped him off that this question will be asked of you later today. We didn’t have time to get any polling numbers on the language of this answer, but it should be bland enough to not make waves.”

The (fake) email is signed by “Rose Law,” Clinton’s law firm in Arkansas.