Vincent Harris Quoted in BuzzFeed Article “Google Staffs Up As It Tries To Find A Way Into Trump Administration Circles”

Harris Media’s CEO Vincent Harris was quoted in a BuzzFeed article that discusses Google’s parent Alphabet trying to bolster its conservative outreach in the era of Trump.

Luntz Global, the corporate and political consulting firm founded by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, has also been tapped by the company to help with messaging and outreach to the administration, according to a person familiar with the partnership. Google has worked with Luntz Global in the past. The company is listed as one of its corporate clients alongside Uber, HBO, Walt Disney, and several others. Neither Google/Alphabet nor Luntz Global responded to a request for comment.

Vincent Harris, CEO of Harris Media, who led digital strategy for Rand Paul’s presidential run and managed digital operations for Ted Cruz, told BuzzFeed News that the company has vastly improved its relationships among Republican operatives since he began working with it eight years ago.

“Google always has to be concerned about looking too liberal as a company from the perspective of the Republicans,” he said.

“Their management’s politics are often out of sync with the Republican party, but from my personal perspective, the company has bent over backwards to try and work with Republican agencies and campaigns.” He added, “They often go out of their way to avoid any appearance of favoritism for Democrats.”

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