Get to Know Our Summer Interns

Us interns at Harris Media have been working together for a couple weeks now and decided it would be a great idea to talk about our experiences here thus far, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve enjoyed most. Throughout the summer, we will continue documenting our experiences and highlighting our growth within the company. Harris Media is wonderful at allowing us to reach our full potential and be as involved as possible with the accounts that best suit us. Our CEO, Vincent Harris has been incredibly supportive and has stayed actively engaged in our work. With Vincent being so hands on, it has created a very open work environment where everyone is treated equally and respectfully, which is a perfect environment for advertising. We’re excited for the coming weeks and look forward to seeing what we can do to help out Harris Media. Get to know more about us and our work below:



My experience at Harris Media has been fantastic so far. I have been assigned to several accounts and through some research, I have learned more than I expected to about crucial industries. The culture at Harris is exceptionally accepting. If I ever have a question about a role or a topic I am supposed to be researching, everyone is more than happy to steer me in the right direction. The work environment is very free as well, where ideas are formed through teamwork and then created in the blink of an eye from the talented graphic designers. I was really hoping to gain experience in a full-scale advertising agency, and this internship hasn’t disappointed. I am looking forward to the next couple of months interning at Harris and I am sure I will learn more and more each week.

My favorite memory from Harris so far is helping create a group messaging live video with some of the interns and coworkers. It was one of my first days and everyone was super conversational and interesting in their own ways and it was a great way to meet and make friends with some new coworkers.



Although I have only been interning with Harris Media for a couple weeks, I am having a blast. From creating content, researching several industries and getting to learn different social media platforms and software, I can say that this opportunity has already exceeded my expectations. The team here is so positive and welcoming, which is really nice when I have a question about how to do something or need guidance on a creative project. The open environment within the office has helped me feel integrated into the company as a whole. My favorite memory from Harris so far has been getting assigned to the accounts I wanted. All accounts I am working on are issues I am personally involved with and interested in.




Honestly, at the beginning, the workload seemed slow, but it has been amazing to see an office work so collaboratively and openly! Everyone helps everyone in their own way and you feel welcome in every part of the office. My favorite part has been the freedom and creativity. I feel like I can create anything in this office. The easy going pace allows for this creativity in its own unique, sometimes chaotic, way. I also plan to one day become a Political Campaign manager, and we all know the future of campaigns lies in the use of media. I have learned so much already about the millions of uses that social media has in political campaigns and the effect of creativity on the progress of these campaigns. My favorite memory from Harris so far has been designing and brainstorming for video promo for the Corey Stewart campaign.



The first couple weeks of this internship have been a great learning experience. Personally, I don’t have a huge background in politics, if any, but I feel like I have been a positive contribution thus far. It’s nice to see the final product in the content we produce after hours of research and brainstorming to perfect each idea. Harris Media provides a great work environment where I am constantly learning something new and expanding my knowledge in digital marketing. I look forward to working on new projects and creating great results. My favorite memory from Harris has been creating the Establishment Ed video for Corey Stewart campaign.


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So far my experience at Harris Media has been great. I’ve only been here for three days and I have already learned so many valuable lessons. I haven’t met everyone in the office yet, but those that I have met are awesome and they have helped me integrate into the office. The staff is very down to earth and they are always looking out for us interns. I’m very much looking forward to meeting more employees and learning more about the industry during my time here at Harris. My favorite memory from Harris so far has been going to lunch with my fellow interns.




These first few weeks at Harris Media have been a huge learning experience. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but this internship has gone beyond my expectations in every way. After being placed on my first account, I immediately felt like part of the team. I’m being given high-profile work and participating in meetings that teach me about accounts, advertising, media content, and analytics. The employees take time out of their workdays to teach me about their work and help me with mine. And, I’ve already learned skills that will help me in all of my future career goals. Going to work every day, and being treated with respect, sincerity, and priority, I feel like much more than just an intern. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store! My favorite memory from Harris so far has been getting to work on a campaign that will have a huge international impact.


I have loved my experience so far at Harris Media. When applying for this internship, I had a few goals in mind. Some of these goals included learning a few basics about advertising and gaining knowledge in the political sphere. Harris Media has significantly exceeded my expectations in just a few weeks of being here. I am on various accounts, in which I have been assigned tasks that exercise my creativity like never before. The team I was placed on fully embraced me as one of their own, constantly making me feel involved. They are so encouraging in my learning and they fully appreciate my work. I feel as though my work here is not just busy work, but content on real issues that I am invested in. So far I have loved not only brainstorming for my own content but assisting in numerous videos that have been filmed as well. The culture at Harris Media is incomparable, with a community of employees who are always friendly and helpful. I look forward to continuing learning from the best! My favorite memory from Harris was when I checked Facebook and saw that the first piece of content I worked on here was posted!


We have all had a very pleasant experience at Harris Media thus far and the work has been both fulfilling and insightful as to what it’s like to work in an advertising agency. We are having a blast here and look forward to the time ahead of us!


Thanks for reading,

HM Interns