Meet Our 2018 Harris Media Interns


Our spring semester interns at Harris Media have been working together for a couple of months now and decided to share their experiences thus far, what they’ve learned and enjoyed the most.



My first month interning at Harris Media has been an exciting one.

The opportunity to work on several accounts and ongoing projects has been fulfilling my goal to make my way into the world of media. The opportunity to create content, learn different marketing tools, and to participate in multiple meetings that include employees with years of experience has been something I have tried my best to learn from.

Aside from the great work Harris Media has done, my favorite aspect of the office is probably the relaxed environment. As someone that has primarily worked for finance companies, a modern work environment is different than anything else I have experienced.

I remember walking in on my first day and thinking to myself “Wow, I’m overdressed”. This internship program has allowed me to take all the information I have learned from school and apply it to real-world campaigns. I learn something new here every day. This internship has equipped me with new tools and a confidence to pursue a full-time job in digital media after I graduate.



I have had a great experience at Harris Media so far. Although I am assigned to a single account, there are several projects that revolve around it, so I have a variety of tasks. Because of this, I have been able to learn new tools and methods to create and push digital content, which has helped me improve my marketing skills.

It is exciting to intern here because every single day is different. Digital Marketing is always changing, so there is constantly something new to try and implement in a campaign. I get to do all kinds of things like research, content creation and even prepare presentations. One thing that I like a lot about Harris Media is that they encourage the interns to participate in meetings and provide ideas, so you really feel like a part of the company and not just a temporary passerby.

Every month, we have a company-wide themed workshop type of challenge that we get to solve in teams. This has been one of my favorite things about the internship because it makes us exercise many different skills like teamwork, creativity, and presentation in a fun way.

Overall, the Harris Media internship is an enriching experience that is expanding my knowledge of the industry and preparing me for when I enter the workforce.