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CEO Vincent Harris Quoted In The Straits Times Article: Social media ‘can be a bane and a boon in politics’

As social media gradually takes over a bigger share of political communication and discourse, the jury is still out on what this will do to the overall quality of discussion. Scholars say social media can be a bane when it is nasty, perpetuates misinformation or prompts hasty judgment. But it can also be a force […]

CEO Vincent Harris Speaks at #ACPC17

Our CEO Vincent Harris speaks at The Asian Conference for Political Communications in Singapore on September 3, 2017. “Voters are not fools and we should not limit ourselves and limit our fellow citizens because we think we know what is best for them, that is authoritarianism.” Click HERE to watch full video.

Google spent the most it ever has trying to influence Washington: $6 million

The uptick in spending coincides with a radical shift in Washington’s political landscape and sharp divisions among the voting public. During the first months of the new presidency, Silicon Valley executives have clashed with Trump following his controversial decisions to impose a travel ban affecting several Muslim-majority countries and withdraw from the Paris climate accords.   “While […]

Vincent Harris Quoted in BuzzFeed Article “Google Staffs Up As It Tries To Find A Way Into Trump Administration Circles”

Harris Media’s CEO Vincent Harris was quoted in a BuzzFeed article that discusses Google’s parent Alphabet trying to bolster its conservative outreach in the era of Trump. Luntz Global, the corporate and political consulting firm founded by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, has also been tapped by the company to help with messaging and outreach to the […]

CEO Vincent Harris Speaks at Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, Cananda

Our CEO Vincent Harris had the opportunity to speak at year three of the Manning Conference in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. Named after its founder, Preston Manning, the Manning Centre has grown into an independent organization that believes the government should play a limited role in our everyday lives. Vincent opened up the panel discussing the need […]

Vincent Harris on the Washington Post’s Series “Can he do that?”

Our CEO Vincent Harris recently discussed President Trump’s Twitter on the Washington Post’s “Can he do that?” series. You can listen to a part of the “Can he tweet that?” episode below! If you would like to listen to the full episode you can do so here. Click here to learn what we can do for […]

CEO Vincent Harris Quoted on TheRinger.com, “President Donald Trump’s Internet”

For the majority of the general election, Hillary Clinton has maintained an edge over Donald Trump, but her lead in day-to-day polls has winnowed after the FBI’s recent announcement that it was looking into emails sent from another insecure server and generally slimy place — Anthony Weiner’s laptop. However, the FBI announced on Sunday that […]

Vincent Harris Quoted in NPR, “Trump’s latest hot property: his campaign database”

    The Trump campaign has built a huge data operation — social media, fundraising — that could be deployed in any number of ways after the election. It’s a potential gold mine.  Not a hotel, golf course or tower, but something one GOP digital ad maker says is “essentially priceless.” Even if he loses, […]

Vincent Harris Quoted on Businessinsider.com “In breathless U.S. election, Twitter generates buzz not cash”

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – This year’s presidential election might be the perfect microcosm of Twitter’s woes. While some of the most memorable moments of the campaign for the White House have played out on the platform, Twitter has been unable to turn the attention and activity into ad dollars or user growth. Well suited to […]

Vincent Harris Quoted on TheHill.com ‘Live from Trump Tower, It’s Trump TV.’

Voters are getting an early glimpse into what Trump TV might look like. Donald Trump‘s campaign on Monday broadcast its first “nightly campaign coverage” from Trump Tower. The 38-minute episode was a bit like a pre-game show for a Trump rally. It featured Trump surrogates and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer talking about the political news […]