Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell’s 2014 Senate campaign employed a centralized, cohesive digital strategy. With memes, microsites and engaging content, Team Mitch rallied the conservative vote across Kentucky. Read our case study to see how Harris Media used targeted advertising, an integrated database, engaging content, and synchronized messaging to secure victory.

“the McConnell team is investing heavily in a bold social strategy aimed at making policy discussions as fun, palatable, and shareable as Buzzfeed’s” —MSNBC

In 2015, our team’s digital work for Mitch McConnell won gold at the Pollies for Best Senate Website and Best Landing Page Statewide in 2015, as well as Best Website of 2014 and Best Social Media Targeting at the Reed Awards.

“Mitch McConnell has mastered the art of the meme… With Harris on board, Team Mitch has transformed itself from yet another by-the-books reelection effort into a gun-loving, Bible-thumping version of Team Coco.” —DailyDot

Mitch McConnell Case Study

“How McConnell pulled off a win illustrates a combination of innovative and old-school tactics. The campaign used new technology for extensive and persistent voter targeting efforts.” —Politico