Rob Portman

The Rob Portman campaign ran the most advanced, data-centered U.S. Senate campaign in history. Every piece of the Portman for Senate digital effort informs and influences the next. Harris Media led a digital strategy that connects messaging across the campaign, from grassroots outreach to targeted online advertising. They are the first Senate campaign to ever place an Instagram ad, specifically targeting the next generation of voters.

You can read the case study on Senator Portman’s campaign here.

“Sen. Rob Port­man’s cur­rent run is the poster child for how the NR­SC wants [digital] done.”—National Journal

“Google says Republican Senator Portman of Ohio has been one of the savviest users of its digital resources this campaign season. The company said the incumbent U.S. senator’s well-funded campaign is more effectively using data mining, YouTube ads and search promotion this year in his race against Democratic ex-Gov. Ted Strickland than most candidates.” -Associated Press