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Harris Media Digital Survey: 70% of Likely Voters Researched Politics Online in Past Month

Digital metrics change daily. In order to get a snapshot of where the electorate is as we head into the final few weeks of the election, Harris Media conducted an online survey using Google Consumer Surveys that asked questions related to digital media and politics. Google Consumer Surveys are weighted in relation to America’s Internet Users and have been considered highly accurate.

hm_survey-1 Harris Media Digital Engagement Poll - Online News Reliability Harris Media Digital Engagement Poll - Usability in Online Election ResearchHarris Media Digital Engagement Poll - Trusted Information PlatformsHarris Media Digital Engagement Poll - Best Way to Handle Rapid Response Harris Media Digital Engagement Poll - Dealing with a Friend's Opposing PositionHarris Media Digital Engagement Poll - The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Our CEO, Vincent Harris, recapped some of our findings in a Facebook Live video:


As you can see, voters are overwhelmingly turning to the Internet for information about political candidates and issues. We’d love to help! Let us know what you’re looking for below>>