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Vincent Harris Quoted on Google and Facebook Will Dominate the $1 Billion Digital Ad Spend for Election 2016

By: Emily Steward Digital advertising spending is expected to surpass $1 billion for this first time in an election cycle in 2016. Where is the money coming from, where is it going, and how did we get here? To understand digital in 2016, you have to go all the way back to 2004, when Yahoo! was still a […]

Presidential Campaigns See Texting as a Clear Path to Voters

In those campaign cycles, political text messages could seem more jarring. “A text is almost a sacred thing,” said Vincent Harris, the digital director for Mr. Paul’s campaign. “This space is reserved for your closest friends, your family, people who know you well enough to have your number and bypass a voice mail or email. […]

Rand Paul’s Digital Chief Vincent Harris Says Plea for Ideas Is Crowdsourcing

AdAge May 07, 2015 By Kate Kaye The Man Once Called Inventor of the Republican Internet Wants Help Political campaigns are notoriously opaque. They’re also typically pretty top-down affairs despite staffers’ insistence that “It’s all about the grassroots.” So it was a bit surprising to see Vincent Harris, the young entrepreneur heading digital for GOP […]

Vincent Harris Interviewed About Digital and Politics

January 26, 2014 Harris Media CEO Vincent Harris was recently interviewed by Sky News for a segment on digital democracy and UK politics. Vincent discussed strategy for online media, stressing that engagement and condensed information are vital for effective digital communication. Want to learn more about Vincent Harris and his work in digital media strategy? […]