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Vincent Harris Quoted on Google and Facebook Will Dominate the $1 Billion Digital Ad Spend for Election 2016

By: Emily Steward Digital advertising spending is expected to surpass $1 billion for this first time in an election cycle in 2016. Where is the money coming from, where is it going, and how did we get here? To understand digital in 2016, you have to go all the way back to 2004, when Yahoo! was still a […]

Life as a Harris Media Intern

By: Anna Jane Riehl, Summer 2015 Harris Media Intern New city. New people. New adventure. This summer, I had the privilege of being a media marketing intern for Harris Media, LLC. I have lived in Waco, Texas, for a majority of my life. I grew up there, and I go to college there (Sic ‘em!), […]

National Journal: Vincent Harris Quoted on GOP Online Fundraising for 2016

National Journal January 7, 2015 By Scott Bland The party’s newfound digital savvy has opened new funding avenues for candidates, and they’re scrambling to tap into it. Republican presidential candidates have already been on the hunt for millionaire political patrons for months. But many are also making quieter, serious investments in pursuit of small online […]

TIME: Harris Media Client Rand Paul is Already Running an Ad Against Jeb Bush

TIME December 16th, 2014 By Zeke Miller That didn’t take long The 2016 Republican primary battle is up and running—at least on Google. Hours after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced he would “actively explore” a run for the White House, the political action committee for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who appears certain to announce […]