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Snapchat in the Presidential Campaigns

By using the “Live” feature in Snapchat, a candidate can create a digital boundary around the location of the event. Then, attendees post videos or photos to the “Live” event via Snapchat. Snapchat curators string together the event’s videos and pictures to create a “story” that is uploaded in real-time to over 100 Million Snapchat […]

Vincent Harris on Presidential Twitter Hashtag Fails

International Business Times July 1st, 2015 By Kerry Flynn It may be the Snapchat election, but campaigns are committing Twitter gaffes like it’s 2008. On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched his candidacy with the Twitter hashtag #TellingItLikeItIs, which quickly became an avenue for opponents to send messages about scandals within his administration. And when […]

Vincent Harris Teaches Digital at 2015 Campaign Bootcamp

Harris Media’s founder, Vincent Harris, was a featured guest at the 2015 Campaign Bootcamp, hosted by the University of Texas Annette Strauss Institute. As the CEO of Harris Media and Chief Digital Strategist for Rand Paul, Vincent Harris offered his insights into digital strategy for politics.

Harris Media: “Rand Paul’s Internet Army”

Welcome to the front lines of the battle for your Facebook news feed. Vincent Harris wants details, and he’s not getting them. The 26-year-old political consultant is quizzing two Facebook guys who’ve showed up at the Austin headquarters of his media firm, and all he’s getting back is a pat lecture about the value of […]