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Vincent Harris Images From Campaign Summit in Vienna

Vincent Harris speaks on “Cats, Gifs & Emojis: Engaging Online”   Vincent Harris speaks at the 2016 Campaign Summit in Vienna, Austria   Vincent Harris explains how we live in a world with short attention spans   Vincent Harris explains the importance of content on mobile   Vincent Harris wraps up his speech at the Campaign Summit […]

Vincent Harris Speaks at Advertising Week 2015

Harris Media Founder and CEO Vincent Harris spoke on the Rare panel “Reaching Millennials Through Politics” at Advertising Week 2015. Vincent discussed the importance of campaigns using smart digital media to reach younger audiences. Hear his thoughts on the relationship between politics and targeted digital efforts in the video below!


Vincent Harris, CEO of Harris Media and Chief Digital Strategist for Kentucky Senator and 2016 Presidential candidate Rand Paul, says, “The old way of consuming media is dying” and “in some cases, it is dead.” We are living in a post-television age for younger voters. This is an age where mundane aspects of life are […]

“TV-ing the Web”: The GOP’s coming problem is more than ethnic diversity

Vincent Harris July 28, 2015 I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to be a guest of Google at last week’s VidCon conference in Anaheim, California. The experience can be best summed up by a moment on my first night: a band of screaming 14-year olds almost trampled over one another as they […]

Vincent Harris Teaches Digital at 2015 Campaign Bootcamp

Harris Media’s founder, Vincent Harris, was a featured guest at the 2015 Campaign Bootcamp, hosted by the University of Texas Annette Strauss Institute. As the CEO of Harris Media and Chief Digital Strategist for Rand Paul, Vincent Harris offered his insights into digital strategy for politics.