Chris Cortez

Creative Director


Joining Harris Media in 2015, Chris arrived with an in-depth background in graphic design with a heavy emphasis on photo manipulation, image compositing, and motion design.

Serving as Senior Graphic Designer, he has provided work for clients such as senators Rand Paul, Rob Portman, and Pat Toomey.

He is a firm believer that less is more and that not all design needs to be extravagant; as long as it conveys its intended message clearly. Previous to Harris Media, he was employed as a lead creative in his local church, strategizing and producing content for over 10,000 congregants.

Outside of the office, Chris can be found outdoors hiking with his pup, reading a novel at a local coffee shop, or making music with his friends.

Chris Cortez Headshot

Hobbies & Interests

  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Making Music
  • Movies
  • Photography