New Applications Gives Supporters The Tools They Need To Share Your Campaign

Somewhere between Austin, TX and Columbia, SC – September 9, 2010)

Supporters donate money. Many donate hours of their time. Some even donate space on their car bumpers. Now they can donate space on their social networks too with a new application launched today at

We live in a new age. Voters aren’t just telling their Sunday school classes and book clubs about the candidates they support. They’re telling thousands of people with the click of a button. That’s why since 2004, campaigns and organizations have embraced the Internet as their go-to tool for marketing medium. The latest innovation is an all-in-one Share Our Campaign application created by political Internet firms Donehue Direct and Harris Media, giving voters the tools they need to easily spread a campaign message.

Everyone knows the new word-of-mouth economy is changing everything. We shop, eat and visit places our friends suggest. We also vote for candidates our like-minded friends support. With the Share Your Campaign widget, supporters can quickly and easily show their support of a campaign through Twitter backgrounds, Facebook and Twitter avatars, and by spreading the message through multiple platforms.”Political interactions via the web have changed drastically since I served as Governor McDonnell’s Internet Director just last year. Campaigns are moving past sheer numbers of online activists, and want to put their supporters to work- producing tangible actions. Share our campaign does JUST that,” said Vincent Harris of Harris Media.

Why should candidates and staff do all the heavy lifting, when their supporters are excited to help? The program is simple – you can embed the application on the campaign website and/or the Facebook page, which is an effortless way to get the word out there.

Wesley Donehue of Donehue Direct said that more applications are needed so that activists have the ammo they need to fight. “A year ago today tens-of-thousands of conservatives around the nation rallied behind Congressman Joe Wilson and built his bank account with record breaking numbers in $5 and $10 sums. His message spread like wildfire across the web because of social networks. We’re giving those activists a great tool with the Share Our Campaign widget.”

Stickers end up in the trash can. T-shirts may be worn…once. Not everybody is fired up to place a sign in their yard or slap a bumper sticker on their car. But in an Internet environment where people are showing their support for sports teams, their locality and even their pets, it’s never been more trouble-free for candidates to campaign.

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