SMCH6: What Do You Mean You Don’t Remember Me?

UPDATE: The video of the interview with Vincent Harris of Harris Media at the Social Media Clubhouse has been posted!

What Do You Mean You Don’t Remember Me? – 3.13.11 from Social Media Club on Vimeo.

From Social Media Clubhouse

Having strong communication skills online can make a difference of how far you can go with your career. Amanda Pharner from DCI Group and Vincent Harris from Harris Media chat about how to have, good, clear communication online.

Vincent explains that the most important form of communication is the power of writing a good email. No matter how advanced technology becomes, email is the main form of communication between businesses. One thing to always keep in the mind to to personalize emails no matter how large the group is. By doing this, you are making the client or customer feel like an individual rather than a number.

Along with email communication, Vincent talks about other communications tools you can personalize to attract more clients and customers. Facebook now allows you to design a Facebook page to connect with customers on a more personal level. Also, being in tune with current events and reaching out to your audience in a timely matter will help them be involved with your business or campaign.

Good communication in email isn’t all about proper grammar and punctuation. By personalizing emails, using appropriate visual effects, and returning emails quickly, you can make customers feel like they’re getting the individual attention they deserve.