Targeted Web ads: The next frontier

Today, Vincent Harris, founder of Harris Media, weighed in on campaign media and a critical dichotomy in trends in political advertising. The following excerpt is from “Targeted web ads: The next frontier” by Ben Smith and Emily Schultheis:

From Politico:

Decisions on online spending are much discussed inside campaigns, said Vincent Harris, a Republican consultant specializing in digital media.

“The dichotomy in politics right now is that TV communications have always been placed by big political advertisers — the old school old guard, as I like to call them,” he said. “And those folks are generally still not familiar with in-stream, pre-roll and TrueView. It’s a huge internal fight.”

But voters — and particular regular primary voters — should probably expect to see more and more targeted Web videos as 2012 approaches. Indeed, Haslam said, both Jon Huntsman’s and Rick Perry’s campaigns have already approached YuMe about potentially placing in-stream ads.

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