Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst wrap up

“You cannot forget campaign strategy and the difference between the two campaigns in regards to social media. I tweeted in January 2011 that the Cruz campaign had scored a coup by hiring Vincent Harris. As the campaign wore on, his hiring became ever more important as Ted dominated the social media playing field. It wasn’t even close. Obviously, you have to give some credit to Jason Johnson and John Drogin for their strategy and day to day discipline, but without Vincent’s work, Ted doesn’t win. Which is one reason his firm is growing like weeds in the rainy season on the Texas Gulf Coast! From his strategy of reaching out to bloggers to his Facebook and Twitter marketing skills to his belief in email fundraising, he made a huge difference in the campaign. And most of those people using his tools to promote Ted don’t even know his name. But insiders do, I assure you of that.

To show you the contrast between the two campaigns, consider their blogger outreach. The Cruz campaign believed in bloggers so much that they reached out, signed them up, then had periodic conference calls with Ted. He even announced his candidacy on a blogger conference call. The Dewhurst campaign had no outreach to bloggers – I had to use a dozen different contacts over a six to eight week period to get an interview with the Lt. Gov. and even then I was viewed suspiciously. It was a stark contrast and a win for the Cruz team.”

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