Mitt Romney’s VP App Needs New Purpose

The Romney campaign’s “Mitt’s VP” app said it would make sure supporters were “the first to know” when the candidate chose his running mate.

But the app’s push notification confirming the selection of Paul Ryan told those who had downloaded it seven hours after news outlets started confirming that Romney had picked the Wisconsin lawmaker.

“The app did exactly what the campaign wanted: They gained excitement around the VP announcement, and from the app they’re able to communicate now with thousands and thousands of people,” said GOP digital strategist Vincent Harris…“People need to cut the campaign a break a bit,” Harris said. “I got the push notification about an hour before Ryan took the stage — and while some in the mainstream press had reported on the announcement by then, really the announcement was not of Paul Ryan specifically coming from the campaign until about that time.”
Harris said the campaign may look to use the app as more of a canvassing and organizing tool.

“I hope that they would kind of shift it a little bit from being social media-centric to being [get out the vote]-centric and allowing users to become their own canvassers,” he said.

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