Paul Ryan Finds Winning Facebook Formula As Campaign Strategists Name Favorite Features


With Election Day only 40 days away in a cycle that’s been dubbed the first “social” election, campaigns are working overtime to gain an advantage on Facebook in order to motivate supporters and get out the vote.

A look at the Facebook pages for each presidential campaign says a lot about how the race on Facebook is managed behind-the-scenes. For example, while President Barack Obama leads Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Facebook fan page likes, it might surprise you to learn that Romney actually leads Obama in the people talking about this metric.

GOP digital strategist Vincent Harris says his go-to metric is the people talking about this number:

This cycle has made timeline incredibly important, and the ability of candidates to properly showcase visually their records. When it comes to advertising, mobile advertising and Facebook’s new power editor are new and improved tools that are incredibly helpful for candidates. Mobile CTRs are sky high.