Obama Camp Uses Guilt in Fundraiser Email

The Obama campaign is now resorting to bill-collector language to rouse folks on its email list who haven’t donated — a tactic that’s sparked some sharp blowback even among supporters.

A campaign email sent over the weekend provides the recipients with their customized “online giving history” that includes a 10-digit “supporter ID number.” That’s followed by a list of the recipient’s “most recent online donation” and “total amount donated online.”

Vincent Harris, a GOP digital strategist running the Web campaigns for Senate candidates Ted Cruz and Linda McMahon, has long admired the Obama online operation. This, however, goes too far, he said.

“The Obama campaign is good at raising money online but his campaign’s recent email comes mighty close to sounding like a desperate bill collector,” he said. “While his tactic might have been effective, it mimics more of an IRS agent than a presidential campaign.”

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