Creative Thinking

WHAT’S UP WORLD? I’m Bryan and I’m the Art Director here at Harris Media, which means that I am involved in most, if not all of our branding efforts. A few months ago we were tasked with creating a new website, and corresponding digital branding for Senator Rob Portman. The site is one of the coolest we have built to date, and the process of designing and building the site was a venture in teamwork and creativity. The main goal of Senator Portman’s redesign was to focus his home page on news content and social media posts. To do this we decided to create a site in which the social media feeds and the most recent news about the Senator were all easily accessible, yet did not clutter the viewer’s screen. After much consulting with our great team of website designers and developers, we were able to mockup a homepage that was clutter-free and innovative.

We designed the site so that everything would collapse and expand when hovered over or clicked. Looking at the homepage, you can see the news button on the left and the most recent social media posts on the right, but only when the button is triggered. The content is clean and free of distractions. It was also important that the donate button and sign up form were prominent on the page, yet remained consistent to our original goal of a clean, clutter-free site. We were able to fit the donate button in the middle of the page, and place the sign up form at the bottom. We wanted everything to have a consistent theme other than colors and we chose to design everything in the hexagonal shapes, which has been carried out throughout the site, and is especially prominent on the issues page.


 Senator Portman’s clean and modern home page

What is unique about our team at Harris Media, is that I was able to consult with our very cool website developers who helped me design a solution to the clutter. Working as a team, Harris Media graphic designers, account executives and web developers were able to create a unique site that stayed consistent with Senator Portman’s reputation, yet pushed the limits of website design and development.