Mission Majority: The Official 8-Bit Video Game Of The Republican Party

By Hanna Sender
August 25 at 5:08 PM
IB Times

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has launched a novel tool in its campaign to win back the majority: an 8-bit video game. “Mission Majority” is a classic 8-bit-esque adventure in which you must help Giopi (GOP, get it?) find the keys to winning the election (volunteers) and defeat the Taxers!

Once Giopi collects the golden keys, he can unlock the Senate and “help Republicans win the Majority.” The instruction explains, “each key represents helping a Republican campaign get more volunteers. With every key collected, you win more points.” Giopi’s adversary is, of course, the “job-destroying Taxers.” In level two Giopi must also contend with the “Democrats’ Mudslingers” who “hurl false and empty rhetoric.” But don’t worry, jumping on them “mutes their misleading words.”

Each time Giopi kills a Taxer and “suppresses their high taxes” — accomplished by jumping on their heads — a soundbite of a Democratic leader is played. Clips such as “you didn’t build that” and “you don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate” are a not-so-subtle reminder of who “Taxers” represent.

Jason Keller at the Washington Post points out that the real mission in “Mission Majority” is expanding the NRSC’s database of emails:

The NRSC’s aim is clear: You can’t play the game until you give them your e-mail, Google or Facebook information. This is all about getting the info of what they hope will be young people who click on the link and could potentially vote for Republicans down the line and/or volunteer, donate, etc. Given the changing demographics of Facebook, however (why does your great-aunt keep sending you game requests, anyways!?), they might just end up exciting the base in a very unexpected way.

It’s too early to tell how the party will respond to the game, so in the meantime, this reporter will be collecting keys.