Life as a Harris Media Intern

By: Anna Jane Riehl, Summer 2015 Harris Media Intern

New city. New people. New adventure.

This summer, I had the privilege of being a media marketing intern for Harris Media, LLC.

I have lived in Waco, Texas, for a majority of my life. I grew up there, and I go to college there (Sic ‘em!), so packing up and moving to Austin – a city where I knew virtually no one – was slightly daunting in itself.

From the first moment I walked into the Harris Media office, I knew this company was not an ordinary, run-of-the-mill company. The environment was vibrant, and the enthusiasm was contagious. Since the office was mainly one big room, it allowed for constant creative talk amongst everyone – interns and team members alike. At any given moment, the office was filled with laughter and chatter. The comradery at the company instantly made me feel at home. Everyone at the office not only welcomed the interns, but they also made a point of being available for questions at any time.

One of the best parts of being an intern at Harris Media was the diversity of my work experience. I worked for many different clients and tried my hand at a multitude of different tasks. I did traditional intern tasks such as sitting in meetings and taking notes and running errands to pick up bumper stickers and printed materials. But, I also worked on tasks I’d never done before like designing and creating infographics, political cartoons, Pinterest boards, and Plazybuzz games. I interviewed people in downtown Austin about current events for video blurbs. I wrote emails, tweets, and Facebook posts for numerous clients. I added press releases, breaking news, and articles to politicians’ websites. Over the course of the summer, I was involved in some aspect of most client accounts.

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Anna Jane was one of Harris Media’s Digital Marketing Interns for Summer of 2015

Most college students have internships, but many spend their time doing mundane tasks like fetching coffee and keeping the office kitchen in order. On the contrary, Harris Media gave me the opportunity to show my skill in digital technology as well as learn a great deal about the many facets of successful political marketing. It was a learning experience that encouraged me to grow and challenged me in new areas. One of the greatest benefits was working closely with experienced team members who took time to invest in me and model effective marketing strategies. I looked forward to going to the office every day. I loved the work. I loved the people. I loved the overall environment.

As I am wrapping up my time at Harris Media and in Austin to finish my last year at Baylor University, I can say without a doubt that this summer internship was invaluable to my personal growth and educational experience. I leave more knowledgeable in the field of politics, more experienced with social media platforms and successful marketing strategies, and extremely prepared to work in this field upon graduation.