Vincent Harris Quoted In Campaigns & Elections’ Article “Investors Have Embraced Snapchat. Are Campaigns Ready?”

Harris Media’s CEO Vincent Harris was recently quoted in an article published by Campaigns & Elections discussing the importance of Snapchat for campaigns.

Now, some digital firms used Snap’s IPO to highlight their own work on the platform. Targeted Victory tweeted out a video highlighting some of the filters the firm has created for clients. And other firms have been talking up Snap for the past couple of years. Harris Media CEO Vincent Harris, in interviews and a February 2016 Medium post, noted that he diverted money to the platform for Rand Paul’s presidential campaign.

After the IPO, Harris told C&E in an email that he still believes that Snapchat “is undoubtedly a power platform for political campaigns to utilize and reach voters.”

“Its native advertising units such as filters, allow campaigns to integrate voters directly into their message and turn supporters into billboards,” Harris said. “Snapchat has come a long way in the last year in their political offerings and ability to utilize data partners. Most large scale campaigns should include a line up for the platform, and depending on where voters transition their time to, that number could quickly rise as the cycle continues on.”

You can read Campaigns & Elections article by clicking here.

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