Life at Harris Media: Through the Eyes of our Spring 2017 Interns


Hey y’all! Spring 2017 Interns here. We have had such an incredible semester at Harris Media that we wanted to share a little about our experiences. Read about some of our takeaways and favorite experiences below!

Ciera Harris:
“Wow, so I have been an intern at Harris Media for almost five months now, and I can definitely say it has been an amazing experience! This was my first time interning at a media company, but it has not disappointed. I have gotten so many opportunities to do things related both to politics and digital marketing, and really felt like my contributions were making a difference to policy making in the state of Texas, as well as beyond. From handing booklets to Texas state senators and representatives, to interacting with the public encouraging them to support Texas energy, my range of influence as an intern stretched beyond simply the digital aspect. The people at Harris Media make you feel like you’re part of a team and not just an intern, giving you plenty of responsibilities which teach you as well as challenge you. The experience was challenging, but not overwhelming, and perfect for someone looking to gain real experience in political campaigning and communicating effectively with clients. If you are looking for an internship in the political sphere, and especially one where you can think creatively, Harris Media is the place for you.”

Sara Drevecky:
“My favorite part about my experience at Harris was the opportunity to work with such influential and important clients. All of these advocacy groups are making big waves for people all over the world, and I feel lucky to have been part of their progress. I learned a lot about the political climate, both nationally and internationally, which made this internship very enlightening and educational. When it comes to professional skills, I now know how to create digital content, write petitions, place ads, and so much more. The company culture also made my time here memorable. The staff is filled with fun, intelligent, and creative people, so it makes the work hours fly by. I’ll never forget all the “Dank Memes” in the company-wide emails.”

Jules Lawrence:
“My time interning at Harris Media has been nothing short of great. When I first started, I didn’t know very much about digital marketing. But all of the staff are immensely helpful in giving you tips on everything from basic office operations to social media strategy, client communication practices, and call-to-action items. The senior staff members and account directors are the best mentors you could ask for, and the weekly learnings held for the entire team are incredibly beneficial. The company does everything possible to make you feel like part of the team by giving you responsibilities that force you to think outside of the box. I am pursuing a career in digital marketing and search engine optimization. This internship has helped me to understand the industry better and has made me more confident as I head into the workforce. I’ve had a ton of fun getting to know the team, I’ve had a blast with my fellow interns, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience here!”

Madison Comstock:
“It’s been an awesome semester interning at Harris Media! I’ve gained great experience by being able to work at the intersection of politics and digital media – a space I am interested in going into post-graduation. Learning about analytics, search engine optimization and political campaign strategy have been some of the main takeaways from the internship. Another thing I really enjoyed was the great company culture and the people I met at Harris Media. Everyone who works here was always so welcoming and helpful when I had questions (which was all the time). My favorite thing about working at Harris Media was getting the opportunity to work on the political campaigns. Being able to be a part of the strategy sessions was so interesting – I loved getting to see the media being planned out. Then, after the ads would run, I got to see the analytics behind each ad: the number of people reached, their demographics, and the post’s engagement. I would definitely suggest that people interested in advertising and politics intern for Harris Media. The experience and skills you gain are super valuable for any student!

Bethany Harper:
“I think what’s unique about Harris Media’s intern program structure is that often, for young adults entering a new industry (an industry that in itself, rapidly changes in nature) — the programs set up to mentor and guide interns more often than not are one of two things: One that encompasses extremely strict schedule of workshops and tools to train OR little structure at all. This especially occurs in programs that have multiple interns accepted at once, which Harris Media does with its Fall class. However, the program does an excellent job of encouraging self-ambition through set discussions, guest speakers, and training opportunities at each intern’s disposal WITHOUT the rigid rules (like mandatory attendance or paperwork requests) that could otherwise create a “one-size-fits-all” identity to its interns. If you want to pursue a project, the dynamic structure and ability to interact among different silos and branches (ie; a branch focusing on Advocacy work and another specializing in political elections) that Harris Media instills for its employees is reflected in the culture of how interns interact as well. This has helped me take ownership of my decisions to prioritize what trainings are most relevant to me while feeling like I can pursue a project of my particular interests that I may not otherwise have the confidence of continuing elsewhere. Additionally, the culture of Harris Media is authentic in its standards to respect new and different ideas–be it personal ideologies or opinions on the role drones will play in the future of digital strategy. Plus the social stuff is super fun. Not often you get to eat lunch with the CEO and play frisbee with your advisors.”

Cara Schwartzkopf:
“Scrolling through my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed used to be such a mindless task. I wouldn’t give a second thought to the advertisements I was endlessly exposed to and I wouldn’t wonder why I saw certain content at the top of my feed as opposed to the content that would appear further down. When I came to Harris Media to intern, that all changed. I started thinking about digital marketing – especially in regards to social media – in a more strategic way. But it goes further than media planning and scheduling at Harris. Working with clients like Texans for Natural Gas and FrackFeed allowed me to be hands-on and actually be a part of creating the content that would later be placed and shared. From going to the Capitol to interact with Texans and Texas Legislators to actually planning a video project for TNG, we have gotten the opportunity to problem-solve strategically and creatively. A lot of these experiences and opportunities can be accredited to the culture at Harris Media. From the get-go, we felt welcome and comfortable enough to ask questions, look for guidance, and give our feedback. I’ll let Donald Trump conclude for me.”