Dan Patrick

In 2014, Dan Patrick claimed victory as the Lt. Governor of Texas following a campaign with a heavy focus on social media. The digital campaign for Dan Patrick used social media the way real people use the platforms, emphasizing persuasion by entertainment through microsites like DewFeed, memes, selfies, and more. Combining these efforts with targeted advertising, rapid response, and engaging content created a strong grassroots following online that helped propel Dan Patrick to victory.

“Welcome to the BuzzFeedification of politics.”—Dallas Observer

In 2015, our team’s work for Dan Patrick took home multiple awards, including Pollie Awards for Best Facebook Page and Best Use of Search Marketing.

“Republican Dan Patrick has found a new weapon in the fight against his rival David Dewhurst (R) — cat gifs.”—Huffington Post

DewFeed - Harris Media

“Dan Patrick took his campaign directly to the voters. Not content to let the liberal media filter and distort his every word, he eschewed traditional media in favor of social media.”—Breitbart

Dan Patrick Case Study