Secure America Now

Harris Media is proud to work with Secure America Now, a group dedicated to the security of our country. We recently worked with the group to fight the Nuclear Iran Deal. Secure America Now placed the first paid political Snapchat filter, the first Google click-to-call advocacy campaign, and the first native Twitter video attack ad. Harris Media built a campaign with content and resources specifically designed and targeted to mobile users. Using buzzy content, a mobile-first approach, and innovative digital strategy, Secure America Now drove the online conversation surrounding the Iran Deal and sent tens of thousands of calls to Congress.

“Snapchat’s Weird New Political Ad Is Evil Genius”—Wired

Secure America Now's Iran Deal Snapchat Ad

“The ad appears to be the first time a Snapchat filter has been used to target a specific member of Congress on an issue and points to new avenues for political groups to get their message out.”—The Hill