Ted Cruz

In 2012, Ted Cruz took the political world by storm with a digital campaign that propelled him to become the next U.S. Senator from Texas. Harris Media helped lead the digital operations of Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign, a strategy praised by Politico and the Chronicle. The aggressive, grassroots-centric digital campaign was unlike anything previously seen in Texas.

“You could see it work. I don’t know who was the arbiter of all those decisions, but the social media — the Facebook, all those Drudge ads, all of it — was brilliant.”—Politico

Harris Media’s digital work for Ted Cruz took home seven of the 2014 Pollie Awards, including gold for Best Facebook Page, Best Online Advertising for U.S. Senate, Best Use of Social Media and Best Use of Social Media Fundraising.

“Vincent Harris’ digital talents helped put Ted Cruz on the map”—Bloomberg

“In the end, Cruz left no social media stone unturned. He’s also changed the role that social media plays in political campaigns.”—Daily Dot

Ted Cruz Case Study