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Vincent Harris Quoted on The chart that shows why Mark Zuckerberg is hosting Glenn Beck and fellow conservatives at Facebook today

BY DAWN CHMIELEWSKI Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is in damage-control mode as he prepares to meet with a dozen conservative thought leaders today to address concerns about alleged liberal bias. Anonymous allegations first reported by Gizmodo stoked nagging fears among some conservatives that the social network filters information through a particular prism that is […]

Vincent Harris Quoted on Inside Facebook’s GOP charm offensive

By TONY ROMM and HADAS GOLD After accusations of anti-conservative bias began to burn Facebook last week, the social media giant quietly reached out to Republican Party leaders to douse the brush fire. It contacted the Republican National Committee, whose chairman, Reince Priebus, had publicly demanded that Facebook “answer for conservative censorship” — and the […]

Vincent Harris Quoted In By Getting Into The News Business, Facebook Opened Itself Up To A New Controversy

Facebook denies allegations from a former news curator that it scrubs its site of articles by and about political conservatives. (Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images) David Pierson and Paresh Dave   To lure more users and advertising dollars, Facebook has increasingly assumed the role of a news organization by curating and publishing articles […]