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Our work with Senator Rob Portman was just covered in a recent case study released by i360. If you would like to read a bit of the article you can do so below. If you would like to read our case study consider visiting: https://www.harrismediallc.com/2017/01/11/case-study-rob-portman/ “Right out of the gate, the Portman campaign knew it was […]

CEO Vincent Harris Quoted in Yahoo News Article “President Oprah? President Zuckerberg? The rich and famous seem to be asking: Why not me?”

The events have caught the notice of political professionals, including the sharp-eyed observers of the Hill: “Donald Trump’s victory changed the narrative in American politics,” said Texas-based Republican digital campaign strategist Vincent Harris. “We’ve seen a complete blending of entertainment and politics in America, and a potential Zuckerberg candidacy would play very well into what […]

CEO Vincent Harris Speaks at Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, Cananda

Our CEO Vincent Harris had the opportunity to speak at year three of the Manning Conference in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. Named after its founder, Preston Manning, the Manning Centre has grown into an independent organization that believes the government should play a limited role in our everyday lives. Vincent opened up the panel discussing the need […]

Vincent Harris Quoted in Facebook’s Zuckerberg makes plea for conservatives’ ‘trust’

By TONY ROMM and HADAS GOLD Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday personally extended an olive branch to conservatives still reeling from charges that the social media giant has suppressed news from right-leaning media outlets. At a roughly 90-minute, closed-door meeting at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, Zuckerberg emphasized that Facebook doesn’t censor political viewpoints […]

Vincent Harris Quoted on Inside Facebook’s GOP charm offensive

By TONY ROMM and HADAS GOLD After accusations of anti-conservative bias began to burn Facebook last week, the social media giant quietly reached out to Republican Party leaders to douse the brush fire. It contacted the Republican National Committee, whose chairman, Reince Priebus, had publicly demanded that Facebook “answer for conservative censorship” — and the […]

Vincent Harris Quoted On Facebook Scrambles To Contain Fallout

By David McCabe Facebook is scrambling to contain the fallout from allegations that it has suppressed right-leaning political content on its powerful platform — a charge that hits at the social network’s image of neutrality. CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg promised Thursday to meet with top conservatives about the allegations, a sign of how damaging […]

Direct Media is Dead. Long live Censored, Suppressed, and Curated Media by Vincent Harris

Perhaps we’ve gotten what we deserve. Was it all a trick? Were we too naïve? Thomas Jefferson said, “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” But Thomas Jefferson could never have predicted a world where every citizen had access to social media accounts and could share their thoughts […]

Vincent Harris Quoted In By Getting Into The News Business, Facebook Opened Itself Up To A New Controversy

Facebook denies allegations from a former news curator that it scrubs its site of articles by and about political conservatives. (Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images) David Pierson and Paresh Dave   To lure more users and advertising dollars, Facebook has increasingly assumed the role of a news organization by curating and publishing articles […]