Harris Media

Vincent Harris on Digital Strategy for Bibi Netanyahu

JP Updates April 23, 2015 By Jacob Kornbluh Netanyahu’s astounding victory in Israel’s recent elections is giving hope for Rand Paul’s digital team to repeat that level of success for their candidate in the early primary states. In an in depth profile by Politico Magazine of Harris Media, Vincent Harris, who was hired to serve […]

Bloomberg: Harris Media Digital Team Helped Re-Elect Bibi

Bloomberg March 18, 2015 By Dave Weigel What the GOP dark horse could learn from the Israeli vote. Four days before the Israeli polls closed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a 35-second video message. It was addressed to conservatives, but anyone could watch the dire warning. “There exists a very real danger that Tzipi Livni and […]

New York Magazine: Netanyahu’s U.S.-Based Digital Gurus Harris Media

New York Magazine March 19, 2015 By Steve Friess While much has been made of the boldface names of American politics consulting in Israel’s general election, the party of triumphant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also owes some of his success to Austin, Texas–based Harris Media and its management of his online campaign and voter-data accumulation. […]