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Meet Our 2018 Harris Media Interns

  Our spring semester interns at Harris Media have been working together for a couple of months now and decided to share their experiences thus far, what they’ve learned and enjoyed the most.   Skyler: My first month interning at Harris Media has been an exciting one. The opportunity to work on several accounts and […]

Chasen Campbell Surveyed By Campaigns & Elections In Article: CONSULTANTS SHRUG OFF AD FRAUD ANXIETY THAT’S GRIPPING BRANDS

The consumer advertising industry is facing a crisis of confidence over digital. The bad news piled up this summer. The top advertising company in the world, London-based WPP PLC, saw it’s stock plummet after it’s bottom line was hit by brand advertisers scaling back their buys amid growing concerns over the effectiveness of online ads. […]

CEO Vincent Harris Quoted In The Straits Times Article: Social media ‘can be a bane and a boon in politics’

As social media gradually takes over a bigger share of political communication and discourse, the jury is still out on what this will do to the overall quality of discussion. Scholars say social media can be a bane when it is nasty, perpetuates misinformation or prompts hasty judgment. But it can also be a force […]

CEO Vincent Harris Speaks at #ACPC17

Our CEO Vincent Harris speaks at The Asian Conference for Political Communications in Singapore on September 3, 2017. “Voters are not fools and we should not limit ourselves and limit our fellow citizens because we think we know what is best for them, that is authoritarianism.” Click HERE to watch full video.

Google spent the most it ever has trying to influence Washington: $6 million

The uptick in spending coincides with a radical shift in Washington’s political landscape and sharp divisions among the voting public. During the first months of the new presidency, Silicon Valley executives have clashed with Trump following his controversial decisions to impose a travel ban affecting several Muslim-majority countries and withdraw from the Paris climate accords.   “While […]

Rory McShane Interviewed by Breitbart about Corey Stewart Campaign

When Corey Stewart announced his intention to challenge Ed Gillespie for the Republican Governor of Virginia primary, the establishment GOP cringed. He was considered a loudmouth, a sensational politician who was too controversial for political consultants navigating the anti-Trump hysteria fueling the left. He believed strongly in curbing illegal immigration and pushing a “drain the […]

From 16 Points Behind to Victory – Ralph Norman for Congress

This week South Carolina elected Harris Media client, Ralph Norman to the 5th Congressional district to replace Mick Mulvaney, another Harris Media client. Our Political Director, Rory McShane, explains our strategy with Ralph Norman’s campaign below.  Norman entered a crowded primary with the State House Speaker Pro-Tem, a former State Party Chairman, Commander of the […]

Get to Know Our Summer Interns

Us interns at Harris Media have been working together for a couple weeks now and decided it would be a great idea to talk about our experiences here thus far, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve enjoyed most. Throughout the summer, we will continue documenting our experiences and highlighting our growth within the company. Harris […]

Rory McShane Quoted on Fox News “Democrats now targeting 79 House races”

Fox News asked our Political Director, Rory McShane, for his analysis of the Democrat’s plan to win House seats in 2018. McShane asserted that the Washington press corps “keeps pushing this notion that there’s some kind of groundswell. But we haven’t seen it. Democrats have no national message other than ‘We don’t like Trump.’ ” You […]