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Rory McShane Interviewed by Breitbart about Corey Stewart Campaign

When Corey Stewart announced his intention to challenge Ed Gillespie for the Republican Governor of Virginia primary, the establishment GOP cringed. He was considered a loudmouth, a sensational politician who was too controversial for political consultants navigating the anti-Trump hysteria fueling the left. He believed strongly in curbing illegal immigration and pushing a “drain the […]

From 16 Points Behind to Victory – Ralph Norman for Congress

This week South Carolina elected Harris Media client, Ralph Norman to the 5th Congressional district to replace Mick Mulvaney, another Harris Media client. Our Political Director, Rory McShane, explains our strategy with Ralph Norman’s campaign below.  Norman entered a crowded primary with the State House Speaker Pro-Tem, a former State Party Chairman, Commander of the […]

Rory McShane Quoted on Fox News “Democrats now targeting 79 House races”

Fox News asked our Political Director, Rory McShane, for his analysis of the Democrat’s plan to win House seats in 2018. McShane asserted that the Washington press corps “keeps pushing this notion that there’s some kind of groundswell. But we haven’t seen it. Democrats have no national message other than ‘We don’t like Trump.’ ” You […]

Fox News asks Rory McShane for his analysis on the Montana special election

Another special election, another Bernie Sanders-inspired Democratic candidate. This time, an upcoming House race in Montana features country singer-turned-candidate Rob Quist, who’s trying next week to win the seat left open by Ryan Zinke’s appointment as Interior secretary. The odds are stacked against him in his bid to defeat Republican Greg Gianforte. The seat has […]

Vincent Harris Quoted In Campaigns & Elections’ Article “Investors Have Embraced Snapchat. Are Campaigns Ready?”

Harris Media’s CEO Vincent Harris was recently quoted in an article published by Campaigns & Elections discussing the importance of Snapchat for campaigns. Now, some digital firms used Snap’s IPO to highlight their own work on the platform. Targeted Victory tweeted out a video highlighting some of the filters the firm has created for clients. […]

Vincent Harris Quoted in BuzzFeed Article “Google Staffs Up As It Tries To Find A Way Into Trump Administration Circles”

Harris Media’s CEO Vincent Harris was quoted in a BuzzFeed article that discusses Google’s parent Alphabet trying to bolster its conservative outreach in the era of Trump. Luntz Global, the corporate and political consulting firm founded by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, has also been tapped by the company to help with messaging and outreach to the […]


Our work with Senator Rob Portman was just covered in a recent case study released by i360. If you would like to read a bit of the article you can do so below. If you would like to read our case study consider visiting: https://www.harrismediallc.com/2017/01/11/case-study-rob-portman/ “Right out of the gate, the Portman campaign knew it was […]

CEO Vincent Harris Quoted in Yahoo News Article “President Oprah? President Zuckerberg? The rich and famous seem to be asking: Why not me?”

The events have caught the notice of political professionals, including the sharp-eyed observers of the Hill: “Donald Trump’s victory changed the narrative in American politics,” said Texas-based Republican digital campaign strategist Vincent Harris. “We’ve seen a complete blending of entertainment and politics in America, and a potential Zuckerberg candidacy would play very well into what […]

A Harris Media Case Study: Portman for Senate

We are proud to have worked alongside Senator Rob Portman and his team this past cycle. Check out a case study on how our team helped to run the “savviest [use] of digital resources this campaign season,” as noted by the Associated Press. You can watch our VP of Client Strategy Chase Campbell and Senior […]