A Harris Media Case Study: Portman for Senate

A Harris Media Case Study: Portman for Senate

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign for Prime Minister of Israel brought victory for the Likud party in 2015. Harris Media was hired to oversee the digital media efforts of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s campaign which involved having a full time company presence within Israel. Our team designed and built a data-driven website, OnlyTheLikud.com, which helped organize and mobilize voters for the election. Using dynamic video-focused content and targeted online strategy, the Prime Minister surged to victory.

“Among the victors in this week’s election are……leaders of the firm who took the Likud account and used social media to organize and turn out Netanyahu’s vote.”—Bloomberg

“Likud hires top Republican strategist ahead of elections” —Times of Israel

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A Harris Media Case Study: Senator Rand Paul

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Texans for Natural Gas

Texans for Natural Gas is a grassroots organization that aims to give a voice to those who support natural gas. FrackFeed, a project of Texans for Natural Gas, has used memes and viral online content to promote the same message in a more catchy, buzzworthy manner.

“[FrackFeed] packages its pro-fracturing message in ‘short, pithy pieces of content’ tailored for a digital-savvy audience.”—FuelFix

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“A new website backed by the oil and gas industry hopes its Buzzfeed-y Hollywood-inspired memes can help sway anti-fracking attitudes.”—Ohio Energy Inc.

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Secure America Now

Harris Media is proud to work with Secure America Now, a group dedicated to the security of our country. We recently worked with the group to fight the Nuclear Iran Deal. Secure America Now placed the first paid political Snapchat filter, the first Google click-to-call advocacy campaign, and the first native Twitter video attack ad. Harris Media built a campaign with content and resources specifically designed and targeted to mobile users. Using buzzy content, a mobile-first approach, and innovative digital strategy, Secure America Now drove the online conversation surrounding the Iran Deal and sent tens of thousands of calls to Congress.

“Snapchat’s Weird New Political Ad Is Evil Genius”—Wired

Secure America Now's Iran Deal Snapchat Ad

“The ad appears to be the first time a Snapchat filter has been used to target a specific member of Congress on an issue and points to new avenues for political groups to get their message out.”—The Hill

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Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell’s 2014 Senate campaign employed a centralized, cohesive digital strategy. With memes, microsites and engaging content, Team Mitch rallied the conservative vote across Kentucky. Read our case study to see how Harris Media used targeted advertising, an integrated database, engaging content, and synchronized messaging to secure victory.

“the McConnell team is investing heavily in a bold social strategy aimed at making policy discussions as fun, palatable, and shareable as Buzzfeed’s” —MSNBC

In 2015, our team’s digital work for Mitch McConnell won gold at the Pollies for Best Senate Website and Best Landing Page Statewide in 2015, as well as Best Website of 2014 and Best Social Media Targeting at the Reed Awards.

“Mitch McConnell has mastered the art of the meme… With Harris on board, Team Mitch has transformed itself from yet another by-the-books reelection effort into a gun-loving, Bible-thumping version of Team Coco.” —DailyDot

Mitch McConnell Case Study

“How McConnell pulled off a win illustrates a combination of innovative and old-school tactics. The campaign used new technology for extensive and persistent voter targeting efforts.” —Politico

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Ted Cruz

In 2012, Ted Cruz took the political world by storm with a digital campaign that propelled him to become the next U.S. Senator from Texas. Harris Media helped lead the digital operations of Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign, a strategy praised by Politico and the Chronicle. The aggressive, grassroots-centric digital campaign was unlike anything previously seen in Texas.

“You could see it work. I don’t know who was the arbiter of all those decisions, but the social media — the Facebook, all those Drudge ads, all of it — was brilliant.”—Politico

Harris Media’s digital work for Ted Cruz took home seven of the 2014 Pollie Awards, including gold for Best Facebook Page, Best Online Advertising for U.S. Senate, Best Use of Social Media and Best Use of Social Media Fundraising.

“Vincent Harris’ digital talents helped put Ted Cruz on the map”—Bloomberg

“In the end, Cruz left no social media stone unturned. He’s also changed the role that social media plays in political campaigns.”—Daily Dot

Ted Cruz Case Study

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Dan Patrick

In 2014, Dan Patrick claimed victory as the Lt. Governor of Texas following a campaign with a heavy focus on social media. The digital campaign for Dan Patrick used social media the way real people use the platforms, emphasizing persuasion by entertainment through microsites like DewFeed, memes, selfies, and more. Combining these efforts with targeted advertising, rapid response, and engaging content created a strong grassroots following online that helped propel Dan Patrick to victory.

“Welcome to the BuzzFeedification of politics.”—Dallas Observer

In 2015, our team’s work for Dan Patrick took home multiple awards, including Pollie Awards for Best Facebook Page and Best Use of Search Marketing.

“Republican Dan Patrick has found a new weapon in the fight against his rival David Dewhurst (R) — cat gifs.”—Huffington Post

DewFeed - Harris Media

“Dan Patrick took his campaign directly to the voters. Not content to let the liberal media filter and distort his every word, he eschewed traditional media in favor of social media.”—Breitbart

Dan Patrick Case Study

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